The Battle of Britain London Memorial

Date Completed: September 18th, 2005. The Sixty-Fifth anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

Geography: London, England

Culture: English

Medium: Bronze, and concrete.

Dimensions: 25 feet wide

Classification: Sculpture

Ownership: Paid for by donations from governments from around the world. It is now property of the public realm, however the Battle of Britain Historical Society planned and maintains it.

Description and History: The Battle of Britain Memorial London was sculpted by Paul Day. Made from bronze the memorial sits ground level to bring onlookers eye to eye with the horrific and heroic moments experienced by those Londoners that lived through the Battle of Britain. Focusing on those who took part in the battle the monument pays homage not only to airman but also to mechanics, lookouts, and women as well. In doing so the Battle of Britain Memorial displays the uniting struggle of the blitz for the United Kingdom as a whole and fortitude of London’s defenders.

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Author: Sean Lindsey, Undergraduate at the University of Oklahoma